Disrupt or be disrupted.

MaxQ is a boutique Real Estate consultancy based in London.

We offer both advice and on-project execution for major Real Estate development projects. We exist to positively disrupt the Real Estate industry and provide our clients with a quantifiable, first-to-market advantage.

Our unique leadership methods and intelligent use of technology provide unrivalled client control and radically improved return on investment.


MaxQ drives outcomes at:

“We have found the MaxQ approach to be transformative across the development spectrum. The energy, focused digital approach and successful outcomes have combined to deliver significant Business Plan outperformance.

Moreover, the ability to convey development progress to all stakeholders has proved to be an incredibly valuable tool, which we anticipate will be equally as useful for tenants going forwards.”

Paul Harris

Executive Director, JP Morgan Asset Management

“The challenge to MaxQ was to facilitate a development design feasibility process faster than any of us had done it before. This they delivered on, with RIBA Stage 1 largely completed in 4 weeks, together with a more defined project brief and certainty on direction than we would usually have at the same stage.

Combining and leveraging the power and flexibility of Cityscape’s computational technology, MaxQ provides an innovative and highly collaborative approach to design development which produced great results for us.”

Oliver Hunt

Development Director, Landsec

“MaxQ is truly breaking new ground in the design and asset management world. By combining technology with a skilled leadership process that enables real-time analysis and decision-making, clients are able to progress their projects more quickly, efficiently and effectively through the design and planning process with full knowledge and control.”

Gerry Hughes



MaxQ provides advice and execution to overcome the real-world challenges that persist in Real Estate for Investors, Asset Managers & Developers.

Our process is radically different to anything currently offered in the industry and is designed to address the issues we all see time and time again from acquisition through to leasing.

We are rewriting the way consultant teams work to deliver purer, more investor focussed outcomes and greatly improve the on-project experience.

MaxQ changes project trajectory
MaxQ changes project trajectory


Industry disruption and digital transformation are top of the corporate agenda right now but very few know how to deliver on the brief.

Positive change is not only very difficult to originate, it can often feel too big to deliver.

MaxQ has a proven track record of delivering change and offers advice on implementing innovation, change management and digital adoption.

team working

Process Leadership

MaxQ is brought in to dramatically improve the client’s on-project experience and boost real-world commercial outcomes.

We dovetail with the professional team, sitting between client and consultants to level-up project performance through detailed process design and effective leadership.

We deliver enhanced client control and rapid project progress through our digitally-enabled workshopping process which reduces the iteration cycles that slow decision-making. The product of these sessions is used to direct the professional team, communicate with investors, the debt market, planners and potential tenants. Our clients value the transparency, control and market-beating progress that our involvement brings.

Our clients value the transparency, control and market-beating progress that our involvement brings.

Process Leadership Services

  • Project Inception
  • Consultant On-Boarding
  • Pre-Acquisition Feasibility
  • Due Diligence
  • Post-Acquisition Feasibility
    • Workshopping
  • Digital Planning & Engagement Strategy
  • Digital Pre-Leasing Strategy
  • Outcome Delivery & Quality Assurance
  • Performance Management
  • Ambition Protection

Identify desired outcomes

Work with client to crystallise desired experiential and commercial outcomes.

Reverse engineer the solution

Invest time and discussion into reverse engineering a system of actions that will achieve the desired outcome.

Make the challenges visual

Use innovative technology to make the development visually understandable and interactive.

Enable enhanced collaboration

Deliver a focussed programme of workshopping that brings consultants together and gets them working live in 3D.

Data-driven leadership

Lead the team through the process, enforce the client’s ambition, facilitate decision-making and deliver stated outcomes.

team working

Who we work with



400,000 sqft

Prime Office

RIBA Stages 0, 1 & 2

  • Project inception
  • Quality assurance & ambition protection
  • Consultant on-boarding
  • Pre-acquisition feasibility
  • Workshopping
  • Digital planning & consultation strategy
  • Digital pre-leasing strategy
  • Outcome delivery & quality assurance
  • Performance management
  • Ambition protection


1,000,000 sqft

Prime Office

RIBA Stages 1 & 2

  • Project inception
  • Performance management
  • Workshopping
  • Digital planning & engagement strategy
  • Digital pre-leasing strategy
  • Quality assurance
  • Ambition protection


300,000 sqft

Prime Office

RIBA Stages 0 & 1

  • Post-acquisition feasibility
  • Workshopping
  • Stage 1 process/report
  • 3D Enabled workshopping


380,000 sqft

Prime Office

RIBA Stage 1

  • Office Product Exploration & Definition
  • Consultancy for a major London PLC


300,000 sqft

Prime Office

  • Project inception & Feasibility
dublin location


Thames Valley

170,000 sqft

Commercial Office

  • Consultancy (Leasing)

Our People

Damian Fennell

Managing Director

Damian Fennell

+44 (0)7590 183458


Dan Harper

In astrophysics, max “q” is the moment of maximum dynamic pressure where the Earth’s atmosphere attempts to crush a departing space rocket.

Without immense forethought, detailed planning and bold technological innovation, a rocket would never achieve its mission objectives. We see Real Estate projects the same way. We envisage the end from the very beginning and exist to overcome the challenges that affect our clients.